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Gulch Hub Fitness Center

Powered by Kinema Fitness


About Gulch Hub Fitness Center

Asurion has partnered with Kinema Fitness to develop and operate a state of the art onsite fitness center.  The fitness center is open to all Gulch Hub employees for $15 per month.   The fitness center offers towel service, group fitness, personal training, massages, holistic wellness programs, challenges, competitions, and other events.

To join, please sign up through the Gulch Hub Membership


We look forward to beginning this journey with you.  Our team is here to inspire, motivate, and coach. We encourage you to come and introduce yourself.  We can't wait to meet you!! 


Group Fitness 

Kinema Fitness provides dynamic group fitness classes taught by elite fitness instructors!  All classes are included with membership.  Classes are a mix of high intensity and low intensity, including Yoga, Circuit Training, and Bootcamp.

 Our highly qualified and certified trainers have skill sets in an array of areas including weight loss, strength, balance, and flexibility. Personal training services are available at an additional cost, but all members receive one complimentary fitness assessment.

The fitness center offers state of the art amenities including full service locker rooms with complimentary day locker use, shower, and towel service. No need to bring your own lock as they come built-in to the lockers. 

Personal Training & Fitness Assessment

Locker & Towel Service

Holistic Wellbeing

Unwind and relax with Kinema Fitness.  Kinema offers meditation and a variety of other holistic services to address mindfulness and stress management. 

Interested in learning more about your nutrition and what that looks like for you? Meet virtually with our Registered Dietitian to learn more!

Explore our massage options to help you de-stress, and restore your mind and body. We have partnered with Revigorate to provide state of the art massages, designed to give you the best experience possible.

Nutrition Coaching

Massage Therapy


The Gulch Hub Fitness Center




Be Well

Kinema virtual classes, workshops, and more. LIVE now! Password: bestrong24


1101 Church Street

Nashville, TN 37203


Phone: (615) 524-5662

Operating Hours:

M-Th: 5:30am - 7:30pm 

Friday: 5:30am - 6:30pm

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